About the Smart Energy Dialog

How to facilitate the transformation of the energy sector towards Smart Energy

As the first event in this series, the 2010 Smart Energy Dialog offered a platform where experts from industry and research had the opportunity to discuss their current activities with decision-makers, from both Europe and North America. Ultimately, the event jumpstarted two public dialogues on Smart Energy: one between research, industry and decision-makers, and the other between Europe and North America.

A common understanding and a common approach are paramount to the success of integrating smart technologies for smart energy. The Smart Energy Dialog series facilitates intensive and intimate exchanges between different spheres of society and encourages an international and open dialogue about the hopes, fears and needs of these groups, paving the way for a common vision for Smart Energy.

Climate change, energy security and the looming oil peak are imminent problems that industries, governments and citizens need to tackle with a common effort. The transformation of the energy sector does not only require the cooperation of different spheres of society; it is also an interdisciplinary issue involving clean technologies in the fields of information technology and chemical and mechanical engineering, among other fields. These technologies are paramount to climate protection, clean air and an increasing share of renewable energies in the energy mix. However, their development as well as their integration on the market and acceptance by users requires discussion and concerted action by all involved partners. The Smart Energy Dialog series was designed to meet these needs.

The 2010 Smart Energy Dialog was co-sponsored by Ecologic Institute, the Hertie School of Governance, the Public Affairs program of the American Embassy in Berlin. In addition, the Transatlantic Climate Bridge brought a top group of representatives of the Southern Governors Association to the Smart Energy Dialogue in the context of the visitors program Green Jobs – Green Growth: The New Energy Economy.

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Photo: © Christos Georghiou - Fotolia.com